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Area-Codes 01775

+91 01775022048

Anonymous 19 days

Unknown business charged my mother 18.95
Area-Codes 01783

+91 01783215222

Anonymous 19 days

They just called me and I don’t know them and it was weird
Area-Codes 01783

+91 01783615073

Anonymous 19 days

Unwanted scam calls
Area-Codes 02183

+91 02183234260

Anonymous 19 days

Telemarketer was harasive
Area-Codes 01564

+91 01564131320

Anonymous 19 days

I got multiple calls from this number however everytime there is no voice from other side. I tried calling back however this number appears to be not assigned. I am unsure of this number,
Area-Codes 02019

+91 02019603258

Anonymous 19 days

They keep calling, no msg.
Area-Codes 07889

+91 07889495573

Anonymous 19 days

I’m not sure who is calling me
Area-Codes 01275

+91 01275096248

Anonymous 19 days

Spam about some sort of lottery you didn't enter from when you gave your number to the parking guys at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Disgusting what they're doing with your number.


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